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CWS Slurry Procedures

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Main Links and Functions of Coal Water Slurry Slurry Process
Coal-water slurry (CWS) slurry preparation process usually includes coal preparation, crushing and grinding, stirring, and filtering slurry for removing super-particles and impurities from the final product.
(1) Coal preparation
OBJECTIVE: To meet the requirements of users for ash, sulfur and calorific value of coal water slurry.
Coal water slurry (CWS) is a common coal preparation method before slurry preparation. The ash content of raw coal is generally about 9%.
(2) Fine coal-water slurry usually undergoes two coal preparation. The first is conventional coal preparation method, which reduces ash content to about 9%, and then ultra-fine comminution to fully dissociate minerals and combustibles in coal, and then uses special methods to reduce ash content to about 1%.
(3) Coal-water slurry with high ash, the raw material of pulping itself is tailings washed without washing.
(2) Crushing and grinding
The purpose of grinding is to grind to the required fineness of CWS products and to make the particle size distribution more efficient.
Crushing process: first crushing and then grinding coal.
Method and equipment: There are wet and dry methods (which have been eliminated). The grinding circuit can be either one-stage grinding or multi-stage grinding composed of multiple grinders. The main equipment is ball mill.
(3) Stirring
The purpose of mixing is to make the slurry homogeneous and to strengthen the interaction between the agent and coal particles.
Mixing equipment: mixing barrel.
(4) filter pulp
OBJECTIVE: To remove impurities before the product is loaded into the storage tank in order to avoid affecting the storage, transportation and combustion.
Equipment: Screen filter
Coal Water Slurry Slurry Process
Coal water slurry (CWS) pulping includes dry pulping and wet pulping. Because of the shortcomings of dry pulping, dry pulping is generally used. Coal water slurry dry pulping process includes three processes: high concentration grinding pulping process, medium concentration grinding pulping process, high and medium concentration grinding gradation pulping process.
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