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      Shandong Huayuan Boiler Co., Ltd. is a specialized scientific and technological environmental protection company that relies on scientific and technological progress to achieve clean and efficient use of energy and ultra-low emission of exhaust gas treatment.

  Founded in 1968, the company has grown from a single boiler and pressure vessel equipment manufacturer to a comprehensive service provider of energy-saving and emission reduction solutions. The service scope covers system design, engineering contracting, equipment manufacturing and operation. The whole process of management. The company holds national Class A boilers, A2 pressure vessel manufacturing licenses, Class D pressure vessel design certificates, Class 1 boilers and GC1GB1GB2 pressure pipe installation licenses, and has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 three system certification and American ASME certification. Huayuan Boiler attaches great importance to scientific research and innovation and the construction of talent team, and constantly introduces new products and services to meet market demand.

  The company has always closely adhered to the country's energy policy and environmental protection policy, based on independent research and development, and cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Polytechnic University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other institutions of higher learning to promote product technology and industrial upgrading. The main research and development areas include: combustion (oil) gas, biomass, waste heat utilization, industrial waste and solid waste comprehensive treatment, personalization of customer pain points, and coal clean and efficient use of coal powder / coal water slurry. The products put on the market have more than 1000 models in 20 series, and have won more than 100 national patents, national high-tech enterprises, Shandong Province certified enterprise technology centers, Shandong province innovative enterprises, Shandong famous brands, contract-honoring and credit-worthy enterprises, and boiler manufacturing. Excellent enterprises, low-carbon Shandong contribution units and many other honorary titles.

  The industrial gas steam furnace, thermal oil furnace and urban central heating system developed by the company have reached the international advanced level in thermal efficiency and NOx emissions; comprehensive utilization of waste heat has been widely used in steel, coking, chemical, carbon and other industries; The comprehensive treatment of wastewater, solid waste and municipal solid waste is promoted and applied in more than ten countries across the country and abroad; coal clean and efficient utilization systems represented by coal water slurry and coal powder have been widely used in large enterprises and industrial parks. And urban heating, and achieved ultra-low emission of tail gas; coal-water slurry combustion technology has been extended to the coal slurry, coal-water slurry and sludge blending and wastewater pulping projects, effectively achieving slime, sludge Comprehensive utilization of wastewater; the pulverized coal combustion system developed by the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences can adopt different combustion technologies according to different coal quality conditions. The adaptability of coal types includes gasification residual carbon, blue carbon, fly ash and anthracite. , Class II bituminous coal, Class III bituminous coal, etc.; 75t/h-260t/h coal-fired, coal-fired coal slurry, and circulating fluidized bed boiler for coal-fired mud Desulfurization pollutant control technology and advanced technology circulating fluidized bed combustion, furnace technique effectively achieve desulfurization and NOx emissions original concentration of less than 100mg / Nm3. Products and technologies have been at the forefront of the industry in terms of energy clean and efficient use. They not only meet the increasingly stringent national environmental protection requirements, but also combine the reality of China's energy structure to achieve huge economic, social and environmental benefits.

  Adhering to the corporate vision of “doing energy-saving and emission reduction, making the sky bluer, greener and clearer”, Huayuan Boiler has become the leader in clean and efficient use of energy and ultra-low emission of exhaust gas treatment; adhere to “innovation, quality, "Honesty" corporate purposes, Huayuan boiler will not forget the initial heart, continue green technology innovation, and contribute Huayuan wisdom to energy conservation and environmental protection and ecological environment security.
  We sincerely invite win-win cooperation and seek common development!
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