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Low Calorific Value Exhaust Gas Boiler
  • Fuel types:Blast furnace gas,coke oven gas,Biogas,Analytical gas,Marsh gas,Chemical waste gas,etc.
  • Size:1-75Ton
  • Pressure:<5.29Mpa
  • Exhaust gas calorific value:>2500KJ/m³
  • Industrial "Three Wastes" High Temperature Harmless Treatment Incineration Boiler and System

    Using low calorific value industrial waste liquor (water), waste gas and waste residue as fuel, supplemented by oil (gas) ignition system, and adopting high efficiency combustion technology, the three industrial wastes are recycled and harmlessly utilized to turn waste into treasure. Incineration + waste heat recovery integrated boiler, including steam / hot water / heat conducting oil / hot air and other different furnace types, can be customized according to user's individual needs, fully meet market demand!

    2 stations 15 ton exhaust gas boiler

    Fuel Technical Indicators

    Waste water: sewage containing various organic, inorganic and toxic substances, chemical industry waste water, sewage treatment industry waste water, textile printing and dyeing industry waste water...

    Exhaust gas: smoke, odor, irritant gas and other harmful gases, biogas, steel industry waste gas, chemical industry waste gas...

    Waste residue: fly ash, carbide slag, coal washing sludge, paper industry waste residue, leather industry dry sludge...

    4 stations 10 ton exhaust gas boiler

    Technical Characteristics of Boilers

    The high-efficiency combustion technology can incinerate three kinds of industrial waste fuels with high pollution, refractory and toxic at high temperature. It integrates incineration, high-efficiency combustion-supporting, pyrolysis and waste heat recovery.

    The incinerator and waste heat recovery are integrated into one furnace, realizing integration, integration, compact structure, reducing the area occupied and saving investment.

    The incinerator adopts special vertical closed structure to realize continuous long-term operation.

    The load regulation number can operate steadily in the rated load range of 30%~110%.

    engineering application

    The system can be widely used in the treatment of waste liquor and gas in petrochemical industry, printing and dyeing textile industry, paper industry, biomedical industry, etc. Users cover different fields such as petrochemical industry, building plate processing, food and textile industry, paper industry and so on.

    15 ton exhaust gas boiler

    20 ton exhaust gas boiler

    75 ton exhaust gas boiler

    220 ton exhaust gas boiler

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