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Coal Fired Boiler
  • Name:Coal-fired boiler
  • size:1-55Ton
  • Pressure:≤9.8Mpa
  • Layer-fired series boilers

    Fuel type

    The product can be burned with coal-based fuels such as bituminous coal, anthracite and so on. It can provide 35-130t/h boilers to users.

    Technical Characteristics of Boilers

    The boiler is designed as a single-layer arrangement, which has the advantages of compact structure, convenient installation and operation, low cost of the boiler, and can save more than 40% of the investment of the boiler room.

    Boiler has natural circulation heating surface, full output, low accident rate, safe and reliable operation.

    There is a cyclone burnout chamber in the furnace, which reduces the dust content of the flue gas. At the same time, the further combustion of hot carbon black particles improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler, reduces the blackness of the flue gas, and the flue gas emission concentration meets the requirements of a class of environmental protection areas. At the same time, because a part of the larger diameter ash particles in the flue gas are separated from the cyclone burnout chamber, the dust content of the flue gas entering the convection tube bundle is reduced and reduced. The wear of convective heating surface prolongs the service life of the boiler.

    The patented technology of scale grate and side grate is adopted in grate, which greatly improves the reliability of boiler operation.

    Sealed air chamber, bilateral air intake, grate air conditioning device adopts a machined conical sealing structure, which improves the sensitivity of grate air conditioning, and has national patent protection technology.

    Layered combustion devices and other energy-saving equipment implemented by the state can be matched according to the needs of users.

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