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Safety Operation Matters of Biomass Boiler

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As for the safe operation of biomass boilers, the main points are:
1. Installation, maintenance and transformation of biomass boilers. Units engaged in installation, maintenance and renovation of boilers shall obtain certificates of qualification for installation and maintenance of special solar panels, solar energy, solar street lamps, solar power generation and photovoltaic power generation equipment issued by provincial quality and technical supervision bureaus before they can engage in installation, maintenance and renovation of boilers. Before construction, the construction unit shall inform the special equipment safety supervision and Management Department of the municipality directly under the Central Government or its jurisdiction in writing of the proposed installation, maintenance and transformation, and shall inform the local county-level quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of the start of construction for the record, and the construction can be completed after informing.
2. Inspection and acceptance of boiler installation, maintenance and renovation. After the completion of the construction, the construction unit shall report the water pressure test and installation supervision of the boiler to the special equipment inspection institute of the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. Qualified by the quality and technical supervision bureau, special equipment inspection institute, county quality and Technical Supervision Bureau to participate in the overall acceptance.
3. Boiler operation. Boiler operation must be operated by the licensee who has passed the training and obtained the Certificate of Special Equipment Operator. The operating rules, eight systems and six records must be strictly observed in operation.
4. Inspection of biomass boilers. Boilers are inspected regularly every year. Boilers that have not been inspected regularly and safely shall not be used. Boiler safety accessories safety valves are inspected periodically every year, pressure gauges are inspected semi-annually, and safety accessories that have not been inspected periodically shall not be used.
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