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Start-up Requirements and Notices for Biomass Boilers

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In addition to strictly abiding by the operation and safety operating rules, the operators especially emphasize the following items:
1. In the process of water supply, we should check whether there is water leakage in the pot drum, header hole door, valves, flanges, plugs, etc. When leakage is found, the water should be stopped and treated. When the water level of the boiler rises to the minus 100 mm of the drum water level gauge, the water supply is stopped. After that, the water level should remain unchanged. If the water level changes obviously, the reasons should be found out and eliminated.
2. Require the whole process of temperature and pressure rise to be smooth and uniform, and check and record the expansion indicators in the following stages.
(1) before and after water supply.
(2) When the drum pressure reaches 0.3-0.4, 10. -1.5, 2.0 and 3.9 MPA respectively, check the expansion. If the abnormal expansion is found, the cause must be identified and the abnormal situation eliminated before the pressure can continue to rise.
3. Attention should be paid to the merging of boilers
(1) Keep the main steam pressure lower than the steam main pipe pressure 0.05-0.1 MPA in the parallel furnace. If the steam pressure of the boiler is higher than the main pipe pressure, the parallel furnace is prohibited.
(2) When parallel, the steam temperature should be lower than the rated value of 30.C, maintain a lower water level and stable combustion. Attention should be paid to keeping the steam pressure, steam temperature and other parameters, and slowly increasing evaporation.
(3) In the process of parallel operation, if the steam temperature of the turbine drops sharply or the water shock of the steam pipeline occurs, the furnace should be stopped immediately, the combustion should be weakened, the water should be strengthened, and the parallel operation should be restored to normal.
(4) After parallel arrangement, a comprehensive inspection of the boiler units shall be carried out, and the main operation and newly discovered problems during ignition to parallel arrangement shall be recorded in the relevant record book.
(5) Close the recirculation valve when the water supply pump starts.
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