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Several Ways to Learn to Clean Boilers

2019/5/21 Click:738
After a period of operation, a large number of calcium magnesium carbonate scales and corrosion products will be deposited on the water side of the boiler. These scales firmly adhere to the inner surface of the boiler, resulting in deterioration of heat transfer and increase of coal combustion, affecting the operation efficiency of the boiler, causing greater economic losses, and bringing serious harm to the safe operation of the boiler. Boilers must carry out regular acid cleaning and scale removal, and ultimately make the water side of the inner wall of the boiler clean, improve the utilization of coal, save a lot of coal, reduce environmental pollution, and extend the service life of the boiler.
How to clean the boiler thoroughly by using scale remover?
1. Dilute the scale remover and water into the boiler inlet at the ratio of 1:10.
2. Fill the water to the highest water level and wait for 4 hours to make the scale remover solution fully react with the scale.
3. Open the outlet of sewage discharge and drain the cleaning fluid.
IV. Infuse clean water and rinse it until it is clear. Cleaning and descaling are completed.
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